Know the future a little ahead of time

The Future of Whole Ecosystems

Based on the concept of Zoobiquity, AIR-BIOS is working for the health of humans, animals and the ecosystem.
For example, in veterinary medicine, 60% to 70% of drugs used are for human use, and are administered and treated at the discretion of veterinarians. Under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in Japan, it is possible to apply for approval of human drugs as pet drugs under special exceptions, and we will support this process.
AIR-BIOS is also engaged in the development of regenerative medical products for animals, and has a large number of clinical research achievements in horses and dogs.

In addition, AI analysis of the effects and impact of human drugs on certain diseases will enable us to build a foundation for discovering candidate substances for veterinary drugs.
We will build a business scheme in collaboration with veterinary hospitals affiliated with universities with veterinary departments, veterinary drug wholesalers, pet insurance companies, and related industries, and create new value originating from Japan in the veterinary and human drug markets.

AIR-BIOS mission is SDGs Goal 3.
Sustainable Development Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Comparative Medical Research Initiatives.

Dogs, companion animals, develop lifestyles, aging, and diseases similar to humans, and many of the same diagnoses and treatments as humans are applied to them.
The life cycle of dogs is five to seven times faster than that of humans, and the cycle of disease onset, diagnosis, and treatment is also faster. Therefore, it is possible to speed up the development of therapeutic drugs, identify efficacy and side effects at an early stage, and reduce the total development cost of therapeutic drugs. In conventional non-clinical studies using laboratory animals with artificially developed diseases, there is a discrepancy with the results of human clinical studies. By comparing with animals with naturally occurring diseases, it is possible to reduce the discrepancy.

Problems in Drug Discovery and Development.
We are working to increase the speed and success rate of our business by quickly starting treatment in dogs with spontaneous diseases similar to human diseases and analyzing the efficacy and side effects through AI and Deep Learning.

Toward a Healthier Future.

13 types of cancer screening test services:.
Precision Drip (for cancer screening)" is capable of detecting miRNAs released by early stage cancer cells contained in saliva.
A simple saliva test can detect signs of early-stage cancer, leading to optimal cancer screening and early treatment.
In the future, we also aim to apply this technology to diabetes and dementia, making it possible to easily know the signs of diseases at any time.

The collection and accumulation of daily life data by DTx compatible with ePRO will be used for treatment. We will build a system of data analysis and utilization to support lifestyle improvement by doctors and realize treatment at the right time. In the future, we aim to make this system available for age-related urinary incontinence and other diseases as well.

Using our proprietary AI analysis and simulator of blood test results, we are able to show the individual sensitivity to the disease based on the combination of test results (patent pending).
It is possible to simulate the risk of diabetes and other diseases that have been treated in a uniform manner. Knowing one's own characteristic susceptibility encourages one to take actions such as lifestyle improvement and prevention.
By providing blockchain, AI technology, HSM encryption key management, and encryption processing functions, we provide innovation in medicine and healthcare, and safe and secure use and management of electronic medical records and patient information.

We will continue to be an innovative company in order to create a healthy future for everyone.