Corporate name AIR BIOS Inc.
Address Higashi Gotanda AM bldg. 6F,2-3-3 Higashi Gotanda Shinagawa-ku Tokyo 141-0222 Japan
Phone/Fax Phone: 03-6721-9304
 FAX: 03-6721-9364
Capital 20 millon yen
Foundation June 14, 2019
Business details
1) New treatment and Mecial service development
2) Medical related system and Robotic development
3) Medical infrastructure development and operational monitoring
4) AI-powered health care service planning and development
5) Blockchain-powered health care service planning / development / operation
The exectives
Kimiyuki Kobayashi
【Major achievement and Patent】
  • Patent number 5401658 : Business card information management and Eletrical business card exchange and management method and Computer program
  • Patent number 5760131 : Image recognition technology and Verification technology for such as lost child / wandering aged person / dog
  • Patent number 6152205 : Stem cell culture supernatant medicine composition, consmetics and the manufacturing method.
Hajime Kubojima
【Major achievement and Patent】
  • DTC marketing : A new comunication of medicine and medical consumer. Joint authorship with NIPPON HYORON SHA CO.,LTD.
  • A robotic system development for backyard of regenerative medicine, which is a business nominated by NEDO(New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization )No: 15101264-0
  • Patent number 6869632 : The method of improvement for sperm motility and / or spermatogenesis
Hiroyuki Iwasaki
【Major achievement and Patent】
  • Medical Data Vision Co., Ltd.(Prime Market3902) CEO
Science Advisor
Tokunori Yamamoto
Designated professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Nagoya University
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