Shape of a Happy Future. We can contribute to medical innovation and science with AI and ROBOTS. Shape of a Happy Future. We can contribute to medical innovation and science with AI and ROBOTS.

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AIR-BIOS Inc. is a health tech venture company working on BIOS by applying AI and Robotics.

We provide the latest medical services based on the information we analyze from big data.
We will create a healthy and irreplaceable future through early detection of diseases, risk simulation, and collection, accumulation, and utilization of data on daily life.

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13 cancer screening services.

Precision Drip (for cancer screening)

All you have to do is to collect your saliva.
We have realized a cancer screening test service that is easy and inexpensive to determine using liquid biopsy technology.

MicroRNAs in the characteristic exosomes secreted by cancer cells are measured, and the results are used to recommend the most appropriate cancer screening.
This test will support early detection and early treatment of cancer.

In the future, we will expand the scope of this service to include not only diagnosis of cancer recurrence and cancer prevention, but also prediction of other diseases such as diabetes and dementia, with the aim of creating a service that supports the health of more people.

Security Service

SaaS service for security measures that provides business sustainability.
Installation of this service requires only the installation of GW devices in the local environment.
It provides functions such as virus check and falsification detection of important data.

The service is managed and automatically backed up in a secure data center in case of ransomware attacks or emergencies.
This service can be used to encrypt and store electronic medical records and ordering data.
It also provides blockchain AI technology, HSM encryption key management, and encryption processing functions to prevent information leakage and tampering.
Our customers can choose the appropriate network, such as 5G, IoT management line, VPN, or Internet connection.


Regenerative medicine can be provided more efficiently and appropriately by utilizing the world's smallest, low-cost IoT cell culture developed independently by AIR-BIOS Co.

The cell culture IoT developed by AIR-BIOS can perform automated cell culture, monitoring of culture facilities, and construction of optimal culture systems through AI analysis, helping to ensure that stem cell culture necessary for regenerative medicine is performed accurately.

This cell culture IoT is not only a solution to the problems of cell culture, such as lack of human resources and skills, but also enables high quality cell culture at low cost. It can be applied not only to regenerative medicine but also to cosmetic surgery and cosmetic development.

Business of Repurposing Drug for Animal

Based on the concept of Zoobiquity, AIR-BIOS is working for the health of humans, animals and the ecosystem. For example, in veterinary medicine, 60% to 70% of drugs used are for human use, and are administered and treated at the discretion of veterinarians. Under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in Japan, it is possible to apply for approval of human medicines as pet medicines under special exceptions, and AIR-BIOS Inc. will support the application.
AIR-BIOS is also engaged in the development of regenerative medical products for animals, and has a large number of clinical research achievements in horses and dogs.

In addition, AI analysis of the effects and impact of human drugs on certain diseases will enable us to build a foundation for discovering candidate substances for veterinary drugs.
We will build a business scheme in collaboration with veterinary hospitals affiliated with universities with veterinary departments, veterinary drug wholesalers, pet insurance companies, and related industries, and create new value originating from Japan in the veterinary and human drug markets.


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