AIR BIOS Inc.(hereinafter refferd to“AIR BIOS”) recognizes the importance of information security measures and the protection of personal information (especially the personal information of hospitals and patients) with regard to medical information and maintains a high-level information security management system by complying with the norms and laws relating to information security as well as contractual security obligations, thus formulating and implementing the following guidelines for action.

  • AIR BIOS shall evaluate the risks of all its information assets and appropriately protect and manage the said assets based on its risk acceptance criteria.
  • This basic information security policy shall apply to all the information assets handled in all AIR BIOS’s business operations.
  • In the event of an incident or accident concerning information security, AIR BIOS shall promptly investigate the cause, swiftly carry out countermeasures, and strive to minimize the impact of the said incident or accident.
  • AIR BIOS shall educate and enlighten its officers and employees (including contract employees) who are related to information security and ensure
  • thorough compliance.
  • AIR BIOS establish and maintain an information security management system that continually improves and implements the activities stated above.

Enactment date: February 14,2022

CEO Kimiyuki Kobayashi